“The Founders”



“My new start is here and we are going Old School. The shop is great and the property’s an Archers Paradise. I’ve teamed up with the best Apprentice I’ve ever had and together we’ve created a line of bows that I’m very proud of.”

 Bowyer Facts: 

*Born and Raised in Northern England

*During my 20’s I lived in both Australia and New Zealand in the pursuit of wild game with my longbow

*Came to the US in 87’ and have resided in Michigan ever since
*Became the owner of ”Sky Archery” where I built 1000’s of bows shot all over the world

*Worked building bows for Best Made Company, 3Rivers Archery(Das limbs+ Tomahawks), Tribe Archery, Strickland Stick, Shrew Bows, Instinct Archery

*Ive works on projects alongside Hoyt Archery, Bear Archery, Mathews Archery, and countless other  compound and traditional companies

*Archery has been a passion of mine since I was a little kid, and I look forward to many more years in the business

*Motorcycles, Mountains, Collecting 45’s, and Hunting are just a few of my pastimes  



“Having spent the last 5 years as Jim’s right hand and shadow in the shop, I can honestly say its’s been an absolute blast. I’m beyond stoked at the opportunity to become a partner in Bivouac and finally put in my own knowledge and creativity”

Bowyer Facts:

*Born and raised in the small town of South Lyon, MI

*Currently 26 years old

*Took up Archery when I was 15 because I wanted a longer season to hunt Whitetail
*I’m a previous Compound shooter, started shooting “Trad” when I started working for Jim (been hooked ever since)

*Extremely fortunate to have been taught the craft of bowmaking by one off the best in the business

*In the last 5 years I’ve had the opportunity to build and be apart of 1000’s of bows, and yet I still learn something new everyday

*When I’m not in the shop I enjoy Music, Cars (anything really with wheels and a motor), and being outdoors

“Bows that stand the test of time”

Handcrafted in a small Northern Michigan town, each bow is genuinely “one of a kind”. 

Our machines and sanders are purpose built and we use only the highest quality materials available.