The Backland


The “Backland” is our interpretation of the ultimate traveling bow. It packs down nicely to fit right in your backpack, and allows you to go anywhere around the world. It’s our very own 15” Metal ILF riser matched with our “Sky” ILF limbs.


15” Metal ILF Riser

Our Backland riser is slim and simple. We didn’t want flashy and we can’t stand clunky. A 15” riser with standard ILF limbs gives you a 56”, 58”, and 60” bow. With our Sky limbs we offer 54”, 56”, 58”, 60” and 62”  bows.

With the option to shoot off the shelf or from an elevated rest, along with standard quickie quiver mounts for straight up or kicked back. The backland also comes standard with a stainless steel stabilizer bushing 


Sky ILF Limbs

The gold standard in ILF Limbs. Earl Hoyt Jr. perfected them years ago and we continue the same excellence with modern day materials. Crafted on the original forms, whether it be Longbow or Recurve, these limbs are designed to perform.

Recurve lengths: 22” x-short, 23” short, 24” medium, 25” long, 26” x-long

Longbow lengths: 24” medium, 25” long, 26” x-long